Why a print audit may be what you need for an added edge

A print audit can help save you money.


Print audit

When the term is first mentioned to a startup owner, the common answer you get is “why would I want a print audit?” Printing is an inevitable component of any business even with all the digital revolutions that have made presentation and communication easier. There are some things just simply cannot do without a hardcopy backup.

Long serving businesses may not expect to cut cost significantly from a print audit especially if they have functional printers and are content with all operations. Even then, finding opportunities to improve efficiency is still a strong motivation. For startups, having an audit should be among other top priorities. So what is a print audit?

What is a print audit?

Essentially a print audit will help you assess all your printing needs and processes to identify areas that can be improved. It all narrows down to cost effectiveness as well as operational efficiency. Printers consume a lot of energy and it may be because you are using the wrong printer for the job or you need an upgrade for better performance. Regardless of the reason, it is still advisable to be open to a print audit.

What does it involve?

As mentioned, a print audit involves assessing your printing requirements and operations. For a startup, it may involve decision making when choosing printers for your business. It also includes identifying flaws in your processes to help you save both time and money when it comes to printing. An audit can help you reduce the effort, energy and cost spent in printing and also give you options like green printing that have reduced environmental impact. It all starts with purchasing the right printer for your needs.

Why would I want a print audit?

The answer to this question becomes clearer when you start outlining your printing processes and what they take from your business. The cost of printing, energy consumption and impact on the environment among other things are all open to assessment to help pinpoint areas that need improvement. With a print audit, you can invest in the best printers for your operations to prevent breakdowns, overloads and other issues that may result in delays and slow performance. Today, you can find printers with auto features including automatic on/off switches to save energy and high printing speed, economical ink/toner usage among others.

With all these opportunities, there is no need paying high energy bills simply because the printer does not perform optimally. What’s more, a day-to-day assessment involved in auditing will help you reduce environmental impact. You can quickly optimise electricity consumption as well as other consumables like paper rims and inks/toners.

It allows you to establish a printing strategy that your staff can follow to ensure there is minimal wastage and printers are only used when needed.


A printing audit, while it may sound a stretch for some establishment, is a very effective way of optimising and making your business more efficient. It may be the competitive edge needed to make operations easier. It also saves extra bucks that can be used to improve other business aspects and operations. Nevertheless, this is only possible if you work with reliable professional auditors that will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done for efficiency to be achieved.