Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Multifunctional Printer

A multifunctional printer (MFP) is capable of streamlining many tasks.


Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Multifunctional Printer

When setting up a home office, you might find it necessary to invest in a multifunction printer (MFP). These printers are capable of streamlining many office tasks into one device, thereby enabling you to save time and money. These printers basically consolidate the functionality of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax into a single machine. If your business is budget-minded and you wish to consolidate assets, improve workflow, and reduce costs, then investing in a multifunction printer is a worthwhile move. Below we explore some critical factors you must take into consideration when purchasing a multifunctional printer.

Understand Your Specific Business Needs

Before rushing out to buy a high end, no expense spared printer, it is important that you carefully assess the needs of your business. Find out what you and your staff will be using it for specifically. Are you shopping for a basic printer with scanning functionality? Will the copier functionality come in handy as well? How do you intend to use your multifunction printer or copier to manage documents, simplify workflow, manage forms, and reduce paper? The best way to identify your business’ functionality needs when shopping for your prospective multifunction printer or copier is to list down ��must-haves’ and some ��nice to have’ features. Make sure the printer checks every must-have box before making a purchasing decision. The nice to have features, on the other hand, will be a bonus.

Is the new printer compatible with your space?

Before purchasing a multifunctional printer, you need to do a quick check to make sure the new printer will fit into your office space. Take measurements of the dimensions where the printer will sit, and check that there is a socket nearby. Also, note down the type of internet connection, modem type, the speed, and service provider. This information will be helpful when you need to match a suitable printer to your existing internet connection.

Understand The True Cost Of Owning The Device

Most people buy multifunctional printers while only considering the upfront cost. Research the total cost of replacing the supplies before buying a new printer. Think about the additional costs like ink, toner replacement, and service. If you feel a multifunction printer suits your business model, then you should bear in mind that the inkjet printers have a significantly higher cost of ownership mainly because of the substantial expense incurred during acquisition of ink. Opting for the laser multifunctional printers is a more cost-effective option when considering the total cost of ownership.

Support Provided By the Vendor

When purchasing a multi-purpose device, be sure that you will experience maintenance issues or breakdowns at some point. Therefore, consider the support contract or warranties of the prospective MFPs. It would be rather unfortunate to have a broken machine with no way of repairing it. Note the level of commitment of the vendor, especially with regard to the provision of robust devices and fleet management utilities and tools.

Prior to purchasing a multifunctional printer, take into account the factors highlighted above. With the right knowledge, you will find it easier to choose the right printer that perfectly matches the needs of your business establishment.