About us.

We offer unbiased printer reviews and advice.


We build websites that offer unbiased information. Printer Expert is a first step, providing unbiased reviews of printers, written by intelligent systems.


Printer Expert provides unbiased reviews of standard printers and MFPs. It is mainly aimed at a business setting, although it should be useful for everyone. It analyses and collates data about printers from all manufacturers and tries to use this to build up a comparative model of all devices on the market.

Printer Expert has no affiliations with printer manufacturers and isn't interested in which printer you end up buying or who you buy it from. We are here only to provide information and analyses.

That being said, we do attempt to monetise content, so some printers may have links to dealers that can help you purchase/lease/rent your printer.

If you have any questions then feel free to message us [email protected]